Sunday, November 23, 2008

Handy Altered Tin Tool

I found a great link for a very handy tool for altering tins! Scroll down to the very bottom of the page when you go to that link, and you will find acrylic templates to fit all different size tins. These are excellent for trimming to size around the hardware and the handles.

They also include their own links as to where to find tins for altering.

Also, I have a tutorial I created a couple of years ago when I was on the Scrapbook Dreamer design team. Let me point one thing out though! I have made many, many of these and over the years have developed what I think is the best method. In this tutorial I use ::gasp:: Mod Podge as the adhesive. Let me tell you, it gave me fits! Use glue stick! It's the cheapest, easiest, and least messy, and actually works the best to prevent air bubbles under the paper. The rest of the tutorial is an accurate representation of how I make them.

Have fun!

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