Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well, I made something....

Beck's class is so large it was hard to fit much on the page.

Beck and Chloe are in 6th and 5th grade at Timpanogos Intermediate School. Their yearbook is made up of pages created like scrapbooks. After letting the teachers know I was available for any crafty needs, I was lucky enough to get to make their class yearbook pages.

Chloe's class. You may notice that my children's pictures are missing from both pages. That's just because we moved here after school pictures were taken. Not to worry, their pics were added later.


Mindful Molly said...

I love them! I bet their teachers did too! Great blog Rhonda, and it was so great to meet you today!

Polly Jones said...

Rhonda you are soo good at this and sweet to volunteer for that sort of thing. I realize I had forgotten about your blogs. Do you have a follow button so I can subscribe?